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Top 5 Weight Exercises To Fight Long Hours Of Exercise

Many people have a sedentary desk work that can cause pain in the waist, neck and shoulders, as well as hips and tight vision. When we sit for a long time, we tend to cringe. This can cause physical stress and musculoskeletal problems. The good news is that you can eliminate damage by combining key movements of weight with stretching exercises. Remember to start slowly each time you start a new training program. Then, gradually increase the intensity, duration and frequency.

Here are the four basic movements of weight to help increase strength, energy and posture. Always start from warm-up, cooling is complete, and each cooling should last for about 5-10 minutes.

Flip: This exercise helps relieve lower back pain by strengthening the torso and waist muscles. Runners can also benefit from this exercise because it strengthens the weak buttocks, which is associated with pain in the feet, ankles and knees. Lying on your right side, your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Lift your left leg, but keep your left foot touching your right foot. Return the left leg to the starting position and repeat. 15-20 repetitions per side.

Poultry dogs: This exercise strengthens the muscles in the center and buttocks, reduces back pain and increases flexibility. Walking, running and other daily activities are easier to accomplish when your core is strong and less likely to cause damage.Starting from the limbs, put your hands under your shoulders and separate your knees from your hips. Extend your left leg behind you and bend your foot. Use your thumb to extend your right arm towards the ceiling. Stabilize the left shoulder so that the shoulder blade does not collapse in the posture. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds and then repeat on the other side for a total of 10 repetitions.

Hip Bridge: This sport is my favorite sport because it strengthens the back, middle and lower body muscles. You can reduce knee and back pain, improve your posture, shape your body and make your clothes fit.Sit on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on your shoulders. Lift your hips from your hips as high as possible while keeping your knees on your toes. Repeat 15-20 times.

Improved side iron: Exercise increases the strength of the trunk and shoulders, improves the balance and coordination of the elderly, and helps stabilize the spine. Lying on the right side of your body. Stand on the elbow and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Lift your hips off the ground and keep your right shoulder away from your ears. Lift your left arm to your head. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

As with previous exercises, stretching can also be an important part of increasing general flexibility and mobility, which can reduce overtime due to long stays.During the entire working day, try to interrupt as long as possible by taking a short walk or standing break. Sports offer incredible benefits that can improve almost every aspect of overall health from the inside out. Not only does it help you extend your life, it also helps prevent injuries.

Robyn Weis man is a personal trainer and correctional exercise specialist based in Philadelphia. She has a B.S. operation in science and physiology. She is the owner of RW Fitness’s Results. Get more information at results byrw.com.